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Elegant City Stay

In the heart of Athens, where the ancient and modern worlds meet, a minute away from the famous Syntagma Square, stands a building that once housed gold and silver workshops. For years, the building had stood as a testament to the city's rich history and culture. But now, with the help of visionary architects and designers, this historic structure is being transformed into a modern yet classic, welcoming hotel called "Dwell".

 Situated in the center of Athens, Dwell is the perfect place to stay for anyone who wants to experience the city's unmatched blend of past and present. With 11 rooms, each with its own unique character, the hotel is sure to offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

 The renovation of the building has been a labor of love for everyone involved. The architects and designers have worked tirelessly to preserve the building's historic character while also incorporating modern amenities and conveniences. The original stone walls have been carefully restored, and modern touches like sleek furniture, high-tech appliances, and state-of-the-art lighting have been added to create a space that is both elegant and welcoming.

 But Dwell is more than just a beautiful building. It is a place where guests can truly experience the heart and soul of Athens. The hotel's friendly and welcoming staff are always on hand to offer insider tips and recommendations. And the hotel's prime location at the center of the city means that guests are just steps away from some of the city's most iconic landmarks and attractions.

Whether you want to explore the modern Athens center with the famous restaurants and bars, visit the monumental complex of the Acropolis, shop in the bustling markets of Ermou Street and Monastiraki, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through the charming neighbourhood of Plaka, Dwell is located within walking distance of all of the above.

 In a city as vibrant and diverse as Athens, it can be hard to find a place to stay that captures the true spirit of the city. This would require more than a hotel. And that's exactly what Dwell aspires to be.

About us

Dwell is the common vision of a group of friends who had been working in the tourism industry for years, mainly in the Greek islands, as developers, architects and representatives of well-known tourist agencies. They loved welcoming visitors to their beautiful islands, but they also longed to create something in Athens, the vibrant capital city of Greece.


Their vision was that of a unique hotel that would capture the spirit of the city and offer guests a truly unforgettable experience. The name was selected even before the project came to life itself: "Dwell", a word that connotes a sense of comfortable, prolonged residence in a particular place, where guests are encouraged to settle in and make themselves at home, with the hotel providing a comfortable, welcoming environment for extended stays.


Their opportunity came when they stumbled upon an old building in the heart of Athens, just next to Syntagma Square. Once a combination of old gold and silver workshops, the building had been abandoned for years. But the friends saw the potential it held and decided to take on the challenge of transforming it into a stunning place to stay.


They poured all their passion and creativity into the renovation process, working tirelessly to restore the building's original charm while also adding modern amenities to make it a comfortable and welcoming space for guests. They carefully selected each piece of furniture and decor, scouring antique markets and local shops to find unique pieces that would complement the building's history and character. They spent countless hours discussing ideas and making decisions together, celebrating each small victory as they worked towards their ultimate goal.


Finally, in June 2023, after months of hard work, Dwell is ready to welcome its first guests. Join us!

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